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  • Relationship Advice Forum • Is he emotionally cheating? October 23, 2016
    I have been in this exclusive relationship from 36 months. Almost a year ago we started long distance as he went abroad for his studies. The plan is that we get married once he completes his study in May 2017. I am not the jealous kind of person in general. My boyfriend has female friends […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Friendzone October 23, 2016
    I have a guy friend since i was entering the first year in college. We've already know each other and actually i have a crush on him since a year ago. At first, he is joking me around and teasing me. About 4-5 months ago, we become closer and maybe become best friend. We lived […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Tries to make me have fun, does he have feelings for me? October 23, 2016
    Hi April,My question is with regards to a male friend, who is trying to make my life 'chilled and happy'. I really like him. I'm a girl who hasn't ever dated anyone but has a fair number of friends. I take time to open up. So this guy is trying to make me do fun […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Does he not care or is he protecting is feelings? October 23, 2016
    I was dating this guy, it was his 1st gf which was noticableby his excitement at the beginning.I had to leave to study abroad at end of summer and I thought we both thought the title would then go away as we hadn't known each other long enough to do long distance. I spoke to […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Friend Group Crush October 23, 2016
    So at school I have a group of 5 good friends. One of them is a guy (John) and four girls. This year he glowed up and now is really confident, cute, nice, but very flirty. It turns out that all four of us have a crush on him BUT HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND THAT […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Boyfriend's Habitual Throat Clearing is Making me Crazy October 22, 2016
    I love my boyfriend. We've been together for three years and he's an extremely kind and thoughtful person. That being said, he has this issue with habitual and loud throat clearing. He claims that it's physiological, however he does it so frequently that it seems more like a nervous tic to me. It also tends […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Iam confused,broken. Please help me October 22, 2016
    We have been in love past 2years.I only proposed him.We use to be the best pair.Then gradually he started ignoring me,avoiding me.At first I didn't get to know why?? Once I saw his chat with friend saying his friend "Don't tell lucky that Iam using mobile.Pretend as if don't use a mobile".Then I asked him […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Am I being controlled and manipulated? October 21, 2016
    My fiance is not allowing me to go visit my sister and father in Alabama. He says it is because we dont have the money for it. I have enough points to fly and I would be staying at my sisters house so there is no cost associated with it. He doesnt want me doing […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Dreams of past ruining my current life and relationship part 1 October 21, 2016
    Recently I have been literally losing sleep over two women from my past. I don't think about them collectively, they both seem to come and go from my conscious mind, invade my dreams from time to time, and it pushes me to try to "check up" on them. One of them I am still friends […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Should I stay or should I go October 20, 2016
    My ex girlfriend & I broke 2 years ago due to some issues on her end. We have remaind in contact pretty much the entire time. I've been dating my current girlfriend a little over a year. During this time I've had several chances for my ex and I to get back together. I've chosen […]

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Relationship Advice Forum


I’m not really a shy person, but, when it comes to sex, I have a really tough time letting go of my inhibitions. I am embarrassed to show that I am enjoying sex, and I’m self-conscious as well. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend of 5 months told me that he feels we have a sexual disconnect. He thinks that I don’t enjoy sex with him because I show no emotion  (…)


I am 37 and have been with the same man for the last 6.5 years. The problem is, I want to have a baby before it’s too late. It’s not a huge desire of his, but he said he would do this for me. The thing is, I want someone who passionately wants the whole process. Am I asking for too much? Time is running out for me, and I don’t know what to do.  (…)


I am 47 years old. One would think that I would be able to figure these relationship type situations out by now! Truth is, I feel like a schoolgirl again with a crush on a boy and I don’t have a clue if he likes me or not. Well…I know he likes me…I am just not sure in what capacity he likes me. We’ve been out on several group dates. (…)

Relationship Advice Forum

Relationship Advice Forum


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Relationship Advice Forum

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